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Dear brothers and sister in Christ

Passion Will Drive Away Coldness and Yours the Heat of Our Studio

I am back for two weeks already. While I enjoy air-conditioning in my own office room, my coworkers have yet to endure high heat of 30 degrees Celsius inside the recording studio. This made me feel bad and sad. Last Sunday, the only air-conditioner that still worked inside the studio also retired, leading to a shortage of fund already raised close to full coverage of cost of the original air-conditioner installment project. Now, together with the third party insurance for scaffolding that has not yet been financed, we still lack about HK$13,000 which we pray to the Lord to move you to provide. Much obliged.

Miss You Much, See You in October at Tsim Sha Tsui District Kaifong Welfare Association!

My coworker asked me: "Priscilla, shall we join the 36th Christian Book Fair?" I thought for a moment: "We are not a publishing agent. We don't sell books or publications. Why do we join?" The coworker gave me somewhat a pleading look. I hesitate no more. Let us join then! Let us take the smallest booth for one week then! Just because we want to see you, to greet you, and to share with you our ever unchanging vision and mission, to let you know that we are still here.

Waiting for you
Priscilla Tin
3 September 2021