Pass The Baton

Entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.(2 Timothy 2:2b)

Leaders of enterprises of every generation have troubles in finding successors. A company cannot have no one to take over, and business needs to continue to grow. During the search process, there are occasions when the old generation refuses to hand over, still occupying the position and refusing to let go. But nowadays this seems not the biggest problem. Even if predecessors are willing to pass the baton and do it properly, but who will take it? Who is willing to pick up? Is the successor capable of picking up? This is THE big problem.

Everyone is complaining about how hard it is to find successor. To find the right person seems like reaching the unreachable star. Trans World Radio Hong Kong continues to pray to the Lord for granting us suitable workers. We desperately need a Program Executive, who holds a degree or equivalent, has management gifts, can coordinate programs, has social media experience, and is well-versed in Chinese and English. (Only Chinese version is available.)

If the baton falls onto the ground, it is not because there is no one to pass it on, but because there is no one to pick it up. Since inception in 1978, Trans World Radio Hong Kong had been led by western missionaries. It was not until 1991 that leadership was passed onto the Chinese. It took 13 years to wait for this succession. This year 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the Chinese succession. What account are we the Chinese to give before the Lord?

For the dream of China broadcast and debt of the Gospel, who is going to pick up the baton of TWR HK? Pray that the Lord will move and call those who belong to Him to join us, then to keep moving on with the passing of baton and accomplishing of the unfinished mission. Amen.

27 November 2021